Best Chicken Wings in New York -
And a Full Menu of Options to Complement Them!
12872 Alleghany Rd, Irving NY 14081, USA
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The Sportsman Restaurant of Irving, New York!

Visit The Sportman Restaurant for Food and Fun

Great food, fantastic service and a family-friendly sports bar atmosphere make The Sportsman Restaurant the go-to spot to enjoy a good meal and watch the game.

From the best chicken wings in the state to the amazingly fresh paddock fish dinners, we have the variety of food and the fun vibe to show the whole family a good time.

Stop in today and have differ with us as we watch the game together!

Sportsman Restaurant
12872 Alleghany Rd
Irving NY 14081

Phone: 716-934-9923


Hours of Operation:
Mon-Sun 01:00 PM - 02:00 AM
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